Self – styled Criminal Gang operating in Hoima District Dismantled


The Police and Sister Security Agencies in Hoima dismantled a self – styled criminal gang operating in Kyabisagazi II village, Kigorobya Sub County, in Hoima district, and arrested 78 suspects;

on the 13th February, 2019, they were worked on with aniron hand and were recklessly using their weapons of bows and arrows to promote acts of lawlessness in the area.

The criminal gang which comprises of youth and illegal migrants of Congolese origin (Alur, Kebu and Lendu), consolidated false control over the entire neighborhood grabbing land, robbing road users, intimidating residents with arbitrary arrests and threats to kill.

Out of those arrested; 11 suspects are to be charged with the murder of No. 64005 PC Rutaremwa Vicent under Kigorobya case file no. CRB 031/2019; an additional 27 suspects are charged for illegal entry and stay, under Hoima case file number, CRB 157/2019, while 40 suspects are charged for going armed in public under case reference number Hoima CRB 158/2019.

Several exhibits of bows and arrows, pangas including two shoes which led to the arrest of the murder suspects were recovered.

As we pursue other members of this criminal gang, including the ring leader Simon Achille who is on the run, we would like to use this opportunity to invite all members of the public who could have been victimized to come forward and register their complaints.

We continue to actively monitor the area, and the country at large, to help prevent the re-emergence of such criminal acts and ensure no criminality continues to operate outside the framework of the law.

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