Archbishop Lwanga Attacks Media Over Pope’s Visit

Sabasumba Cyprian Kizito Lwanga nga ayimba emisa e Kigungu nga bajjukira emyaka 140 bukya Amansi ne Mapeera  baleeta ediini mu Uganda .

Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga Presiding Over A Church Mass At The Mapeera Day Celebrations In Entebbe


The archbishop of Kampala archdiocese, Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga is bitter with the media over putting word into his mouth. The archbishop over the weekend  bashed the  media allegations  of  begging government  shs9bn to host the Pope Francis in  Uganda. The archbishop while presiding over a church mass at the  Mapeera memorial church, Cyprian denied media reports  of  begging  government for financial support to host the  second coming  of  Pope Francis to Uganda. He said that the media has  reported  that  his in  secret talks with government over the Pope’s visit ahead of the Martyrs day celebrations slated for later this  year.

Earlier  this month, it was reported in local  media that the Catholic Church had submitted a request for more than Shs 9 billion to renovate the Namugongo shrine in preparation for the Pope’s visit. However, Lwanga says he cannot request money from the central government and the Catholic community  when the Pope’s visit hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Lwanga was speaking at Kigungu landing site on Sunday, during celebrations to mark the  first missionaries Amans Delamas and Loudel Simeone Mapeera’s visit  and introduction of  the Catholic faith in Uganda. The two missionaries  are said to have come into the country on February 18, 1879.

The celebrations of the two missionaries; Amans and Loudel have been ongoing for the past 40 years. However, Catholics in Kalangala insist that the two missionaries first docked in Bugoma, Kalangala on February 14, 1879, where they constructed their first Church before reaching Kigungu.

The archbishop also cried  to government  over the increasing  crime rate in the country and urged Ugandans to turn to God  and religion

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