Employees welcome minimum wage Bill.


By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura.

Last week, parliament passed the minimum wage Bill, 2018. The Bill authorizes the Minister of labor to appoint a minimum wages Board to fix all sectoral minimum wages. Employees in Kampala welcomed the Parliament’s decision.

According to the international labor Organization (ILO), a minimum wage is the minimum sum payable to a worker for work performed or a service rendered within a given period of time to cover the minimum needs of the worker, his or her family, in light of national economic and social conditions.

Alex Ndeezi, the committee chairperson, says that while processing the Bill, suggestions were made on a fixed minimum wage for all sectors of the economy. But the committee rejected those proposals and opted for a periodic review by the board.

Kaitesi Justine, customer service adviser at one of the Telecom companies in Kampala, says that she is happy with the Parliament’s decision to set the minimum wage. Because it will minimize on employee-exploitation, however she says Ushs, 130,000 is still little, she suggested they should have set the minimum wage at least at UShs, 200,000.

Workers’ MP, Arinaitwe Rwakajara the mover of the Bill, says despite public expectations, it was unrealistic to set a figure for the minimum wage in the Bill.

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