Smart Online Driver’s Association petition parliament over exploitation.

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By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura.

Petitioners who offer special vehicle hire services under Uber and Taxify, petitioned the speaker of parliament over what they called unfair treatment and low fares by their parent companies.

They accused Uber and Taxify companies of offering low fares to clients at the driver’s expense. And they are demanding that government takes over the regulation of the industry, to protect the special hire drivers from exploitation.

The chairperson of the association, Musa Kawunga, said that despite the fact that both Taxify and Uber started with a base fare of up to UShs 8000 about two years ago, the figure has been reducing up to as low as UShs 4000 yet the companies deduct 25% of the pay as their share.

Margaret Rwabushaija, workers MP, said the partners who are the investors in this case are extortionists, and she called for intervention of the government to safeguard the drivers interests.

Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of parliament, said parliament will take up the matter and engage the two companies to improve the business.

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