Mbale Municipality officials blast Police for frustrating revenue collection


Mbale Municipality Mayor (R) Mutwalib  Mafabi Zandya consults with his planner after the meeting



The police in Mbale district has come under attack from officials of Mbale municipality who accuse the force for reportedly frustrating their revenue collection efforts of which saga had led to council loosing over 48 million per month now currently loss standing at ,480M/=.

The concerns came to light on Wednesday during their council meeting were  some Councillors openly criticized the police force leadership in the district for reportedly siding with people who deny council an opportunity to collect revenue as enshrined in law.

The development stems from acivil suit case No_149 of 2018  in which Mbale United trucks and pick ups cooperative savings and credit society Ltd and Wafuba Muhamad respectively sued Equator touring services Ltd which had been contracted to collect revenue from loading and offloading of passengers and goods within the municipality.

The municipality town clerk Batanda Paul .told council that they had contracted Equator touring services to collect both loading and offloading services of both goods and passengers and also allowed them manage street parking among other services after successfully winning the bidding process.

However the two who lost decided to go to  court seeking court orders to block Equator however council also lodged a miscellaneous application No_002 2019 urging court to overturn the case of which on Feb 18th 2019 was dismissed in their favor.

The order issued by her worship ZakoDorcas the grade one magistrate in the presence of Sam Osongol counsel for the applicant and Nelson Agaba counsel for the respondents ordered that civil suit No_149 of 2018 of the two groups versus Mbale municipality and Equator touring is hereby struck off and dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and that all other applications arising there from this suit pending before that court is an nullity and set aside for lack of jurisdiction.

However what shocked the councillors was when the police was asked to enforce the judgement by way of stopping the illegal people from collecting revenue,the police said they wanted an interpretation of the meaning of DISMISSED CASE from a competent body of government before they could act.

councillors Umar Nusir of Namatala ward A and Naswagi Aziz from South Central ward blasted police for siding with the NRM youths who took over collection of revenue illegally. However  the Elgon region Police spokesperson John Tukei referred the media over the matter to  both the DPC and RPC of whom the council accused  for  comment however revealed that the party that lost the case had reportedly appealed the ruling and their case comes up for mention on 5th Match 2019.

The full council accused the police for reportedly harboring harmful vendetta against the council yet their mandate was to enforce lawful court orders in order for sanity to prevail.

However both the DPC and RPC were not available for comment by press time.

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