Bowmans, MMAKS Lawyers To Be Sued For Fraudulent Dealing With Bank Of Uganda


Steven Masanso, a concerned citizen, is threatening to sue Bowmans Advocates and MMAKS Advocates for colluding with individual Bank of Uganda officials to sell of key commercial banks including Crane Bank Limited which belonged to businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia.

In two separate notice to sue addressed to Bowmans Advocates and MMAKS Advocates dated 26 January, 2019, Masanso says by the two law firms to meet his demands in will leave him with no choice but to login in ‘criminal and civil proceedings’.

In the notice copied to President Yoweri Museveni, Director Legal Department, Bank of Uganda, Inspector General of Police, Director Criminal Investigations Department and Finance Minister, Masanso demands the following.

“As you are, it’s on record that as part of resolution of various banks facts of which are well with in your knowledge you continually received various monies in collusion with individual Bank of Uganda officials which sums were charged on received banks.”

“You also routinely billed way beyond permissible scale and in instances for no work done at all. A case In point is with respect on the monies taken out as legal fees for purported drawing of the Crane bank sales agreement even when it clearly shows having been drawn by the Legal Department of Bank of Uganda.”

“You also perjured yourselves during the COSASE Parliamentary proceedings while under oath” “You accordingly offered no consideration and per took in an illegal and criminal enterprise”

“Furthermore, you performed a regulatory coup variously significantly advising the banking regulator while at the same time sitting on different boards of the regulated commercial banks and/or acting for them”

“In the case of Crane Bank Limited’s resolution, you acted without the proper authority of Bank of Uganda and/or its legal department.”

“Your activities were constructed in bad failed, self-interest and usurped the constitutional mandate/purpose of the regulator.”

“Take notice that unless: ‘Publish a public apology in the nation’s media’ ‘Refund all you illegally levied on the public purse and/or the received banks by close of business week, I shall proceed to lodge criminal and civil proceedings against you and you accomplices.

David Mpanga is a leading partner at Bowmans Advocates while Timothy Masembe Kanyerezi is also a senior partner at MMAKS Advocates (Masembe, Makubuya,Adriko, Karugaba & Ssekatawa). The two lawyers have been at the center of controversy attached to sale of Crane Bank Limited.

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