Lord Mayor urges Parliament to fund UPE KCCA schools


Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago reading from  a story book in the midst of hundreds of  pupils of Buganda Road primary school during his visit to the school.

By Kitts D.Mabonga


The lord Mayor  of Kampala Erias Lukwago has urged parliament to fund their recently submitted city education master plan that shall work as their new model school policy direction for the authority geared towards revamping the dwindling standards of these once powerful  National schools.

Lukwago made the observation today while officiating at the climax of the week long activities for “drop everything and read” (DEAR) program for city UPE  primary schools under KCCA that was geared towards encouraging school children to interest themselves with the reading culture.

He noted that they dedicate such a day to encouraging children to build a strong culture of reading because anybody that reads books is a highly educated and informed person regardless the level of education attained.

The lord Mayor was at Buganda Road primary school(BRPS) were he told the stakeholders that his authority recently visited parliament and handed in their city education master plan that details everything they want done to revamp the over 27 schools under his authority.

Lukwago expressed concern that of all these city schools, none of them was able to secure aggregate four during the 2018 PLE results saying at BRPS,the best pupil got a miserable seven points which was very disappointing given that they are schools within the city that all expect to have the best facilities.

“It is very absurd and unacceptable that of all the over 27 schools within the city under KCCA,none of them got aggregate four” lamented Lukwago before urging parliament to ensure that they appropriate funds to help revamp the schools that once used to shine brightly like Kitante,Nakasero,Kyagwe Road, East Kololo,Nakivubo Blue and Buganda Road among others.

Lukwago caused excitement when he joined the pupils and started reading a story book after which he urged the parents to encourage their children to read books of any kind among them the bible, Quran, story books,magazines,novels vand  newspapers among others for s bright future.

The school head teacher Ssengendo David commended the Mayor for coming advocate for revamping of all UPE schools saying some of them are working under very tight and miserable budget from the government.

Ssengendo told Lukwago that his school has a pupil population of over 2,778 children and yet government sends them only 25M/= of which he said was very little given the huge population at hand to serve however expressed optimism about the Lord Mayor’s attempts to engage parliament for more funds.

“We are optimistic that the Lord Mayor has embarked on a new road seeking funding support from parliament and we are strongly praying that all goes well with guidance from God,” noted Ssengendo whose school last year lifted the country national music dance and drama festivals trophy.

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