Minister Muloni warns Elgon locals over power thefts

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Muloni addressing the big crowd of Iocals as the Bulambuli woman MP Namboozo Wekomba Sarah

By Kitts D.Mabonga&Lydia Mukhwana


The locals of Mount Elgon region have been warned to desist from the deadly acts of stealing electricity saying the resultant consequences are fatal and unacceptable to the government.

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    Miloni flanked by RDC Peter Pex Pahak among other officials.

Sounding the warning over the weekend was the energy and mineral development minister Eng.IreneMuloni who was addressing hundreds of locals of Bulambuli district during the  International women’s day celebrations held in Muyembe town council Bulambuli district.

The minister noted with concern that reports reaching her office indicate that many lives continue to be lost as a result of stealing power indiscriminately saying government won’t accept such reckless behavior.

She cautioned that much as government is committed to ensuring that all sub counties across the country get  connected to power supply,hundreds continue to get electrocuted with majority being innocent mothers and children that have no link to the problem.

“We get concerned when we hear that some one has just paid the “Umeme bill” meaning that after a long time of stealing power, they end up getting killed mercilessly thus nicknaming the incident like that.

She  stressed that the new government policy of extending power connection up to the household doorsteps including connecting to yaka was deliberate to ensure people are discouraged from stealing power.

“We are extending power connections up to household level were one only has to do initial internal house wiring then experts deliver the power up to the meter level “ observed Muloni.

She lamented that many people use small wires to tap power from the high voltage power lines passing them through matooke plantations  forgetting that those wires are not the official cables for power transmission that outright leads to electrocutions.

,”Am tired of being bombarded in Parliament by opposition MPs who criticize me for not helping connect my home district of Bulambuli yet over 90% of those communities are fully connected but the only challenge being illegal connections resulting into death of our people pleaded the minister.

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