FUFA lauds Kabira country club for supporting sports

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Hisense head of marketing Kakembo Ivan, Moinuddin,Hisense sales manager, FUFA marketing director Esther Musoke, Kabira country club general manager Rakesh Hurrychurn and extreme right is Hamza Hisense Accounts manager

The Kabira country club authorities have been commended for supporting sports activities in the country because the beneficiary individuals and teams get outright exposure which is healthy for the country.

The remarks have today been made by the Federation of  Uganda Football Association (FUFA)  marketing director Esther Musoke who observed that sports has become the new lifeline to thousands of young people across the world saying they appreciate Kabira efforts and urged them to   continue with their culture of promoting games and sports as a vehicle of  nurturing young talents.

This came to light today during a special news conference hosted by the Kabira country club general manager Rakesh Hurrychurn held  at the hotel in Bukoto Nakawa division in Kampala.

Musoke had been invited to share with journalists about her  experience with Kabira  saying their efforts towards supporting the field of  sports was timely and strategic given that many business entities do not regard this sector as important.

Rakesh said they are going to promote soccer through their 2nd tournament sponsored by Hisense and Kabira country club in collaboration with the federation of Uganda football Association (FUFA)that shall be held on the 30thMarch at Kabira sports grounds with the  winning team walking off with a cool 1M/= cash prize.

Rakesh  said  this edition of the tournament is to promote a spirit of brotherhood among the participating teams and also expose the sporting talents embedded among the young people.

Rakesh noted that given that his club is a strong advocate for sports and physical fitness of which it  promotes through their state of art modern fully furnished gym and sauna facilities they also help bring together small soccer teams to interface with the big time names as a confidence building strategy and giving vigour to the participants.

Musoke  had earlier observed that they strongly feel delighted to network with Kabira because of their love and zeal towards promotion of sports.

“As FUFA we are delighted to partner with Kabira because they are helping us in promoting games and sports among several business entities and do pledge to continue encouraging more business firms to emulate them” noted Musoke.

Rakesh said the  first edition was worn by Team PROFC after humbling Victoria University 1_0 to scoop the 1M/= cash prize.

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