Mbarara Roundabout new Architectural design Sparks uproar from the public.


long horn bull symbol known by the locals as “Rusiina being put down 

By Nicholas Shawn Mugarura.
A number of people from Ankole Sub region and beyond have rejected the new architectural design of
the nine grey metallic Poles erected at the main roundabout in Mbarara town.
The contractor working on the roads and beatifications in the town, Abubaker Technical Services,
erected nine metallic Poles, early this week, around the main roundabout. The poles obscured the
traditional bull statue and this has caused mixed bitter reactions from the public.
People who detested the new design, took to social media their disappointment and demand for the
pull down of the structure erected around the roundabout and restore the bull symbol, with a trending
hash tag “Restore Rusiina”.
The long horn bull symbol known by the locals as “Rusiina” symbolizes the traditional and cultural
heritage of the people in the western part of the country, opposed to the illuminated grey poles erected
around the roundabout with star designs.
“We cannot allow our symbol to be overshadowed by something we don’t know it’s meaning. This is
something that identifies us like any other city in the world. We want our cow back to it’s prominence,”
David Nahurira, the chairperson works and development committee said.

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