Ykee Benda’s Singa Concert Gets Victoria University Support

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Singer Ykee Benda has said partnering with high profile institutions like Victoria University gives him an opportunity to uplift the youth using his talent.

He said while meeting students of Victoria University ahead of his 29th March, 2019 concert at Kampala Serena Hotel.

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Dr. Krishna N. Sharma, the Vice Chancellor at Victoria University,student guild with Singer Ykee Benda

At the University, Ykee Benda promised a stand out performance. He gave out complimentary tickets to the University’s students.

Dr. Krishna N. Sharma, the Vice Chancellor at Victoria University, said they sponsored the concert as a way of ‘motivating our students who have started businesses while studying at Victoria University.”

“When we look at business, it is all about links, how many people you know. Your network is your net worth. We wanted to help these students to build their network better.

“That is why we sponsored and wanted them to go to such a show so that they can meet different people who can be helpful to their businesses.”

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