Youth Power Research Uganda To Sue Igg For Failing To Investigate Bagyenda

Inspector General of Government (IGG) Justice Irene Mulyagonja when they appeared before legal committee to present their budget at Parliment. Photo by Geoffrey Sseruyanghe

Youth Power Research Uganda, a pressure group, through their lawyers of Nsubuga K.S & Co. Advocates, are planning to sue the Inspector General of Government (IGG) for failing to investigate and publish a report regarding the alleged illicit accumulation of wealth by former Bank of Uganda director for supervision Mrs. Justine Bagyenda.

In Demand Note Cum Notice of Intention to Sue date 18th March, 2019, the lawyers claiming to be working on behalf of their client Youth Power Research Uganda, say the IGG has been reluctant, neglected and or deliberately ignored carrying out investigations into Mrs. Bagyenda’s illicitly acquired wealth.

The lawyers add that Irene Mulyagonja, the IGG, is an associate and close friend of Mrs. Bagyenda. The state that IGG’s inaction amounts to impunity and an abuse of the public code of conduct and professional ethics.

In July, 2018, the pressure group wrote to the IGG requesting an investigation report of the involvement of Mrs. Bagyenda in the dissolution of Crane Bank LTD and other commercial banks. In another letter, of June, 2018, the group penned the IGG asking that Mrs. Bagyenda be investigated for illicit undeclared wealth as a public officer.

“To our client’s surprise, neither the said report nor an investigation has to date ever been done and or published despite your constitutional and statutory mandate and promises to our client.

“Instead out client’s representatives were arrested on charges of blackmail and threatening violence which were initiated by a complaint raised by you following their efforts to follow up the correspondences they had sent you and no response nor action was being taken.

SOURCE: Earthfinds

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