Singer Ykee Benda Recognizes Naiya Ruparelia at Singa concert


Naiya Ruparelia of Victoria University was recognized for supporting the music industry after the university sponsored a music concert by singer Ykee benda. Appreciative Ykee Benda decorated Naiya Ruparelia with a certificate of appreciation.  

Muscian Ykee Benda, real names Wycliffe Tugume, showed he was the new kid on block by filling up expansive Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall during the Singa concert last weekend.  Ykee Benda lived up to the promise he made before the concert by putting a memorable show.

In the process, Ykee Benda, staging his maiden concert, was overwhelmed by emotions because the turn up was overflowing. The concert’s success didn’t however come on a silver platter. Ykee Benda worked hard to earn the confidence and support of corporate institutions.

And in the same spirit, the singer appreciated them in egual measures. At the concert, Ykee Benda specifically recognized Victoria University’s Naiya Ruparelia. She is also the wife of Rajiv Ruparelia, son of Sudhir Ruparelia. Victoria University supported the concert as a sponsor. Naiya received a certificate from Ykee Benda.

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