A Ugandan uber driver who was arraigned in court in Boston after being accused of raping a passenger is not subject to removal from USA . us immigration and customs enforcement confirmed. The ICE had placed the detainer daudah mayanja 37 a Ugandan citizen now staying in dominatly black area in Waltham Massachusetts.
According to ICE official he told CNN that mayanja was found not subject to removal at this time but authorities will follow up the investigations and criminal proceedings.
Mayanja’s troubles started at about 1:45am when Massachusetts state police responded to a report that a woman had been asexually assaulted by a uber driver. Mayanja was later arrested and counts of rape were opened against him ,police later took the victim for treatment.

Daudah mayanja was a famous herbalist back in Uganda trading under bamutaasa herbalist before going to try out his luck in the land of opportunities aka USA .
Sources in USA reveal that as soon as uber company received the news of sexual assault it removed mayanja’s access to the app and pledged to support investigations.

However mayanja maintained his innocence during a telephone interview with WCVB,saying it all started when the woman jumped from the back seat to the driver seat ,when I pulled over( bweyamuvira ayitewo),she jumped out of the car ,i left the scene ,

I then called my bosses and at uber because after I noticed she had left her bag inside my car ,after calling uber offices ,I them received a call from police ,i drove my self to police and I was later told that she reported to police that I had tried raping her ,I gave my statement and was later arrested .

After being arraigned in court to face the charges ,his bail was first set at $25000 but was later increased to $100,000.He is also required to surrender his passport if he makes bail and wear a GPS monitoring bracelet which will track his movements in Boston..
For now mayanja escapes being deported with nothing except his clothes to economically struggling uganda or dusty Kampala city

(credit Ssebina Titus)

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