Haruna Shopping Center Enabling Businesses In Ntinda

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           Multipurpose Haruna Shopping Center Ntinda

One of the daunting task for Small and Medium Enterprises is to find a place where they can easily be accessed by customers; a place where they are complimented by other businesses. In Ntinda, a Kampala suburb, Haruna Shopping Center is providing SMEs this opportunity to grow.H3

Magnificent interior of Haruna Shopping Center Ntinda

Haruna Shopping Center, a commercial storeyed building owned by Haruna Enterprises is home to a variety of small but growing businesses. The state of the art building has telecom outlets, leading beauty salons and spurs, accessories’ shops, boutiques, cosmetics shops, an up-to-the-minute food court and cafes, first offices, a mega 3D & 5D cinema hall, gymnastics, sauna and steam baths and a mosque for periodical prayers to god among others.

The multipurpose shopping centre is one of the many building Mr. Haruna Sentengo who owns Haruna Enterprises owns in Kampala City. Others are Haruna Towers in Wandegeya, Segewa Market and Nakayiza Market in Mengo Kisenyi. His events spans across real estate establishments in Kampala and other parts of Uganda.

But with Haruna Shopping Center, you get all you need in one place. For example, if you have an office at the building, you don’t have to go any further to get groceries and other shopping needs, all do if visit a shop with what you want for the day.

Mr. Sentengo has mastered the art of providing solutions to SMEs who want to trade by providing well equipped office space, shops and other real estate amenities. This he does by charging affordable rent in Uganda Shillings unlike others who charge rent in dollars.

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