Fully Furnished Bukoto Living Apartments Are Now On Sale


The real estate is growing and becoming more dependable each passing year. You can now own a fully furnished home without buying a brick, cement or a nail let alone the hustle of looking for land, construction material and the hectic supervision of the construction works. It can be troublesome

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          Interior part of kitchen and living room 

Today, once you have money, you can decide to own a house or apartment through a condominium arrangement. All you need are a property developer who can understand your needs and work towards solving them.

In this business, Meera Investment, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group, has cut its own niche and growing strong. They have a series of classic apartments in and around Kampala. While many are occupied or still under construction, Bukoto Living is read for purchase an affordable price. Bukoto Living is a 27 apartment structure for sale on condominium basis.


Bukoto Living has one, two and three, four and five bedroom apartments available for sale starting from an affordable $168, 000. The apartments sitting on half an acre of land gives tenants beautiful views of Kampala from all apartments and full 360 degree view from the spacious roof on the 11th floor.

Bukoto Living promises to be any buyers dream home. Shopping centres, schools, medical centres, restaurants and bars are all within a circumference of one kilometer. The resident is installed with 24 hour CCTV cameras, security services to give tenants a sense of safety.

The apartments have maids’ quarter in each unit, entrance lobby has a security desk, laundry & utility rooms in all units, expansive parking lot, and spacious bedroom with built in closets and state of the art kitchen.

The property managers Crane Management Services say they can arrange a flexible payment plan with an expected 9% return on investment.

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