SUCCESS & FAILURE: Ham Kiggundu’s Inspiring Book Now Available In Luganda


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When launched his first book, titled ‘Success and Failure based on Reason and Reality’ mid last year, all he wanted was to share some of the secrets that have eluded people who have failed in life and or have propelled many to great heights.

The lawyer turned businessman says by writing the 154 pages of the book, he was answering questions many of his peers kept asking – how he has managed to be successful at a tender age of 34. And what started as a simple task, have turned out to contain prescription for many ideological illnesses.

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And following the success the book has attained in the short period including winning an award as book of the year, Ham Kiggundu has been compelled to translate the book to Luganda to further reach out to people who cannot read English. This was done due to demand from readers who found the message in the book useful.

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                                                            Success and Failure in luganda version 

The meticulously written book discusses key issues that every ambitious person looking at being successful must address. The book discusses issues like success and money (how to make money), risks and challenges of making money, building meaning relationship with people, how to become rich and wealthy, poverty and failure, the road to success, education and success, employment and success, the law and success and other pertinent issues.

Kiggundu says for people to be successful, they needs to have a reasonable thinking capacity, a plan and strategy, personal responsibility, focus and vision, consistence and patience, good listening skills, choice of good company, ability to take risks in life, forgiving and forgetting, courage and determination, a supportive family and a socially, political and economically organized society.

Talking to XpressTimes during the launch of the book last, Kiggundu said success is a process that must be likened to a child growing up. “Success is generally a gradual process just like life and growing up. When a child is born they start by crawling, then they walk and then finally run. If you try running before walking, you will fail. I took gradual steps to get where I am today and still on the path to where I want to be.”

He says the book is not about him and the things he has been able to accomplish but rather ‘about my countrymen and countrywomen to start thinking progressively and have a mindset change for the good of country’s behalf.’

“So many of my friends have approached me from time to time and ask how I have managed to be successful an early age of just 34 years. This is a question I can answer in a simple statement. That is one of the reasons as to why I decided to sit down and write this book,” he said last year.

The translated book is available in leading bookshops, venders and dealers

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