URSB Raises Flag Against Sports Counterfeits

URSB Registrar General Bemanya Twebaze(C) Addressing Media

                          URSB Registrar General Bemanya Twebaze(C) Addressing Media


The Uganda Registration Services Bureau  has raised a red flag against counterfeits and piracy in the sports industry.

The government  agency boss,  Bemanya Twebaze  made the warning  on Friday at  a press conference  ahead of the World Intellectual Property Day celebrations scheduled for the 26th April 2019  at the Kabira Country Club.

The registrar general  revealed while meeting sports journalists under their umbrella organization USPA, that their lots of creators  and innovators  whose rights need to be protected in the sports fraternity including sports  icons and sports journalists  that play  an important role in moving information from the actual games to the broadcaster, the publisher and finally to the fan.
He added that their lots of things such as team songs of various sporting clubs, articles and commentaries journalists write about sporting events, brands, logos and names of sports teams that need to be protected from piracy and counterfeit  for economic benefits.

He said that some stakeholders may not be aware that one of the most important ways to support our favorite sport is by buying and selling genuine sports merchandise and shunning counterfeits which kill the industry.

He  attributed to the fact that  by working  together  with  the  media  will be of help  in awareness  and  spreading the  counterfeits gospel  as one of the many issues in the sports industry  so that we can end the vice of counterfeiting in the industry.

In addition to that two sports personalities, Charlotte Mudoola and Arthur Blick have been  appointed as intellectual property day brand ambassadors for this year’s celebrations under theme reach for gold.

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