DFCU Bank Head Of Consumer Banking Boss Quits


Another top employee at DFCU Bank has quit the struggling bank. This comes after a board member and company lawyer threw in the towel last month to pile more pressure on the commercial bank which is losing human resource at a terrible speed.

Last month, board director Dr. Winifred Tarinyeba Kiryabwire and the chief legal officer and company secretary Ms Agnes Tibayeyita Isharaza unceremoniously quit DFCU and now the Head Of Consumer Banking Denis Kibukamusoke has ran away from the troubled bank preferring to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Rukh-Shana Namuyimba, the Communication Manager at DFCU Bank told journalists that Kibukamusoke will be replaced by Miranda Bageine Musoke, the Head Personal Banking in an acting capacity. Kibukamusoke has been part of DFCU’s success story for a cumulative 8yrs.

“He was with us before as Head Business Banking left then returned in 2015 as Head Consumer Banking and has made a significant contribution to growing our business. He’s been a great leader, colleague, mentor and coach to many who will be missed,” Namuyimba said.

She added: “So it’s mixed feelings as he leaves the Bank. But for the most part, dfcu is supportive whenever its really great people make alternative career progressions because it also reflects positively on the Bank. So we wish him all the best.”

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