Ministry of Water and Environment received funding

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The Ministry of Water and Environment received funding from the Adaptation Fund through Sahara and Sahel Observatory for implementing Enhancing Resilience of Communities to Climate Change through Catchment Based Integrated Management of Water and Related Resources in Uganda (EURECCCA) project.

The project is multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary and is being implemented in a very participatory and integrated manner right from the National level to the Catchment, District and the Community levels including the private sector.water 2

EURECCCA supervision mission took place in Kyoga Water Management Zone/ Awoja Catchment to assess the good practices by the Zone.

During the supervision mission there was inspection of degraded sections of kamurojo swamp which will also be restored through the project, meeting of Kyoga Water Management Zone staff at the Ministry of Water and Environment Eastern Regional Offices in Mbale district, meeting with Awoja Catchment Management Committee members at Soroti Municipal in Soroti District.



The EURECCCA project is set to increase the resilience of communities to the risk of floods and landslides in Awoja Catchment through promoting catchment based integrated, equitable and sustainable management of water and related resources.

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