National Drug Authority extends fight against illicit drugs, unlicenced practitioners to Western Uganda


Officials of the Uganda National Drug Authority  impounded 716 drug cartons ,34 of which contained government labeled lumaterm anti malarials destined for DRC.

Following the recent operations in some parts of Kampala and Eastern Uganda, the National Drug Authority (NDA) has this week moved the fight against illicit drugs and medical practitioners to Western Uganda.

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Part of the assorted veterinary medicines seized in the operation in Western Uganda

With a success in Kampala, Ngora, Mbale, Bulambuli, Pallisa, Soroti, Bulambuli among others, the agency’s five – day whip on unlicensed drug shops, counterfeits, substandard medicines ,illegal advertising, hawking and sale of government medicines for humans and veterinary use has extended to over seventeen districts of Western Uganda – Mbarara, Lyatonde, Kiruhura, Isingiro, Buhweju, Bushenyi, Kasese, Ibanda, Rubirizi, Mitooma, Sheema, among others.

Speaking to the media in the company of the team and the District Veterinary officers, Mr. Frederick Ssekyana, the Public Relations Manager -NDA, revealed that the operation yielded tremendous results.

“Among the 281 drug shops inspected -forty-six veterinary shops and 235 human drug shops, 106 boxes of assorted veterinary estimated at a tune of UGX 65M and 188 boxes of human medicines estimated at UGX 67M were seized,” said Ssekyana

He urged the public to remain vigilant and report whoever is selling substandard and government drugs, operating unlicensed drug shops, counterfeits medicines because they are very detrimental to their lives and cause a big risk to the nation.


There were several culprits apprehended that included; Isaac Muhuri of Ampuri medical centre was in possession of Seprin and Fansidar embossed ” Not for sale “, Sam Nkuraga was found hawking herbal concoction, Alex Agaba owner of Rwenshuri Drug Shop unlicensed in possession of “Not for sale” antimalarial medicines (Lumartem, and a one Julius Tuesday of Smile Drug Store for a operating an unlicensed pharmacy.

The operation was conducted with

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