Middle East consultant limited strike it again,Labour export to china.


Midddle East Consultants Ltd (MECL), Uganda’s leading labour recruitment and exporting agency has gone far in recruiting and labour  export to  China for lucrative jobs,


 Middle east consultant”s customer service handler briefing female candidates who are going for the scheduled training session 

This has given much hope to unemployed youth that has been on Kampala streets and the country at large.

speaking at National Symposium and Expo on Externalization of Labour held at Hotel Africana on recent, MECL Managing Director, Gordon Mugyenyi promised to work hand in hand with the of the Ministry  of Gender, Labour and Social Development on labour recruiting and exporting  procedures so as to handle “people’s children with care”.

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Janat B. Mukwaya emphasized on few things .Ethics must be perfect as a young industry which must nurtured

The minister said companies should avoid malicious competition in the sector provide an admirable service.”

She revealed that Uganda has already entered into bi-lateral agreements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

She added that the government of Uganda is working hard to sign bi-lateral agreements with UAE and Qatar. Government doesn’t also have bi-lateral agreements with Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

She asked Ugandans to go through only licensed companies currently standing at 105.

Uganda earns $35 million per month ($420 million per year) out of remittances of workers from Middle East.

The expo was held under the theme “Promoting Safe and Productive Labour Migration.”

Mugyenyi said the company will begin by taking Ugandans to teach English the Chinese before exploring other opportunities.

“In two months or less, we shall begin taking Ugandans to China. The Chinese are eager to learn English and Ugandans who know English well will have an opportunity [to take up the jobs,” Mugyenyi said

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