On 22/06/2019, two gay men, Ntambi Charles and Were John were attacked by a mob and severely beaten as they walked along the main street. According to the locals, these two men moved to their neighborhood but no one knew where they came from. “We have always seen them but no one knows where they came from, they look suspicious. They act like thieves. They don’t talk to anyone and always stay home”, a local explained.
The two gay men were identified by a local resident on main street who pointed at them and called for attention. He mentioned that one of them came from Banda in Kampala suburb where he also happened to own a home. “I know him and his parents very well. He was always with his fellow gays. In fact he was once beaten and taken to police for being gay, I don’t know how he got out” he narrated.
According to our sources, the two men started to run and they were chased down. A lady from the neighborhood informed the mob that she had seen one of the men cross dress a number of times. The two men were then stripped naked. One of them was putting on female underwear. Water was poured on them as the mob took turns whipping them.
The two men were severely beaten until they lost consciousness. A few people were seen gathering plastic bags, and cans planning to set ablaze on the two men. The gay men were rescued by a former UPDF soldier who intervened. He happened to live in the neighborhood. He drove and left them at a health center.

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