80,000 Ugandans To Get Jobs In UAE, Premier Recruitment To Participate


Uganda and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed an MoU that will see 80,000 Ugandans flown out to work in the Arab country, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Hajat Janat Mukwaya has revealed in a statement.

 The UAE and Ugandan government in June signed memorandum of understanding to enable Uganda export labout to the Arab country. It is during this MoU signing that Mukwaya was noticed of the employment opportunities that Ugandans can take up.

“Immediately upon signing of the MoU, my colleague Minister H.E Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli challenged me as follows: “I need 80,000 Uganda workers in the next 12 months”. This is a huge undertaking and I urge the private sector to take up this offer,” Mukwaya said, adding that Uganda has already sent 40,000 workers to UAE.

With this opening, labour export companies like Premier Recruitment Limited, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group of companies, are positioning themselves to be the link between Ugandan job seekers and employers in the Middle East.  Premier Recruitment Limited acquired a license from the ministry to export labour.

Since last year, Premier Recruitment Limited has been sending Ugandans to work in Qatar as house maids. Before sending the girls to work abroad, Premier Recruitment Limited offers them professional training.

The minister said the UAE has been the largest destination for the bulk of Ugandan migrant workers. Without an undertaking with the UAE Government, protection of migrant workers and their welfare has not been very easy. The unregulated business had given room to illegal recruitment, trafficking and exploitation.

“However, with an agreement in place, more organized and safe employment shall be created. The terms and conditions of employment of Ugandan worker in the United Arab Emirates shall be defined by an individual employment contract between the worker and the employer,” she said

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