Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chamilli still struggling to Fit in the DP as many critise the singer for being an NRM Planted Mole

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By Daniels N. Tatya

Local artist Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chamilli may have easily crossed or deviated from being a close associate of the ruling party and a close allie of the President-Yoweri Kaguta Museveni but many still think he could have been planted into the DP party with a mission to disorganise their (DP) endeavors on their mission Power.

The singer whose motive we are yet to understand however calls all that propaganda and that he is working in unison with the party he just joined a few weeks ago.

Tired of people who have designed themselves as propagandists, Mayanja will Tuesday 16th July 2019 give his word in a press confrence, the first of its kind since he joined the DP reunion or call it DP/Bloc last month. In this Presser that will be held at the City House, Luwum street, Mayanja will try to clear the air about what has been widely regarded as hoodwink by Mayanja in DP. “My inaugural press conference since my initiation into the Democratic Party is due on Tuesday 16th July of 2019 at the party headquarters, City House Luwum street.

I intend to answer all unanswered questions and elaborate on our alliance as the common man #People Power In this era of propaganda and he/she say please come hear it yourself from the horse’s mouth.”

Mayanja says he is tired of countless and empty exhausting promises that we are going to reach the standards of other countries yet the journey to that has never been started.

With the might of God we have been blessed to see things in unison and that’s the way we are going achieve united destiny.” By Gods blessing I have been all over the world and witnessed how other Cities and Countries excel.

The question is when are we going to get there? Let’s not only live together but work together for the best we all deserve. We are a great generation that is bound to make way for a greater generation.” #People Power Our Power #DP Block. Mayanja noted in a narrative post on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

Apparently the singer who until recently has never offered himself in active politics will have a lot to clear on his question plate ranging from his allagence to DP to how he intends to convince the kampalans to uproot the incumbent, Lord Mayor Eriasi Lukwago whom a big number of Kampala voters think to be comfortable and has performed to their expectations. its should be remembered that Mayanja has been a great friend and strong supporter of President Musevevni.

He even went ahead to compose a song for the President in the past general election where his song’s lyrics detailed NRM and President Museveni’s achievements for the last 35 years.

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