At Victoria University, You come Prepared to learn and Leave Prepared to Succeed says Ambrose Byamugisha Muhoozi the Dean of Students

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The writer taking an interview with the dean of students Ambrose Byamugisha Muhoozi in his office at Victoria university 

By Daniels N. Tatya


Ambrose Byamugisha Muhoozi will interest you into enrolling quickly at the Victoria University Kampala. Byamugisha is the Students Support Officer or call him the Dean of students at the University where he says, that, despite giving the best education in the Country, the students’ wish is their command.


“We make sure the learning atmosphere at our University facilities is enjoying because the students learn in an environment in which they feel at home.” Byamugisha explained. “We prioritise students issues first, we operate on an ‘open-door’ policy and interact with our students easily and they get their problems solved quickly at first hand.” he added

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According to Byamugisha, whose office door is wide open to every student to be served according to his/her wish, Victoria University offers the perfect setting for their students to achieve their full potential with the world class facilities, Ultra-modern Nursing and Health simulation skills lab. The higher learning institution regarded in unison by the Dean and his students as the best in facility and skills, has air conditioned lecture rooms, a first class students lobby, top sports facilities, gyms and swimming pools and the state of the art library.

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The University is committed to delivering new student experience underpinned by a culture of entrepreneurship, research and social enterprise by encouraging students to get involved into social enterprises at all levels via the student Council.

The University also seeks to create specialists in a particular branch of knowledge through scholarships that are created and empowered to provide cutting edge solutions. Comfortable learning With a standard of not more than 30 students per class, the University boosts of air conditioned lecture rooms, with state of the art multimedia systems for not only learning but comfortable learning.


Bachelor of Computer Sciences aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge in computing and communications technologies. 

All their lecture rooms are fully equipped with audio/video equipment along with the traditional whiteboard and worksheets. The lecturers are encouraged to use as many of the audio & video materials such as video clips and other interactive academic materials to make the process of learning pleasant and more effective. The lecture rooms according to Byamugisha are designed differently in sizes serving the different and various purposes. Some of these are set up as lecture rooms, some as a round-table discussion room while others as seminar rooms.

“We use a combination of these rooms to ensure that the students are seated in accordance with the style of teaching. Our tutorials for example, feature round tables for the students to facilitate sharing of views and allow students to discuss the topic among themselves and with the tutor.” Byamugisha explained to this website.

There are also seminar rooms used for guest speaker lecturers and class rooms for lecturers on various topics in the students’ respective courses. The furniture in the lecture rooms is practical, comfortable and helps create an environment conducive for learning.


Victoria University Kampala offers a wide variety of courses with qualifications that are designed to meet the needs of the market place. The institution has therefore established links with a number of Professional and Corporate companies and constantly review their portfolio to ensure that it meets both students’ requirements and current employer needs.


Just located in the middle of Kampala City with a convenient accessibility to the students, the University, through the Ruparelia Foundation,Victoria University provides an opportunity to all interested applicants to have a value add higher learning experience through an up to 30% scholarship vein across all courses and are open to all applicants from all countries. These scholarships promote equity in the communities by supporting strong and talented students acquire the necessary academic qualifications that help studentship to specific programmes.

The Ruparelia Foundation works to improve and promote health, education, sports, general welfare, poverty eradication, improve livelihoods, support the welfare of wildlife and preservation of the environment by fostering partnerships among businesses, corporations, with the government, non-governmental organizations and individuals. The University gives academic excellence, alternatively talented persons, Sportsmanship, Art & Creative Talent, Innovation and Youth Scholarships Categories.

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