Former Uganda President’s Son Wasswa Lule Blesses Aloysius Mukasa for 2021 Lubaga South Parliamentary Seat



Lubaga South Parliamentary seat events unfold in favor of Youthful Aloysius Mukasa so far and the constituents sought for change is yet to stop. Mukasa’s Overwhelming support in the area is evident therefore. Lubaga’s and Uganda’s one of the few encyclopedia,

Son of former president of Uganda ( Yusuf Lule Kilonde), former minister in the colonial government, vice chancellor of Makerere University and assistant secretary general in the Commonwealth Secretariat .Wasswa Lule, has too endorsed and blessed the young man (Mukasa) as fitting enough for the seat.

Very exposed and traveled, Wasswa Lule is also a former Deputy Inspector General of Government and former Member of Parliament in the Country.


Mukasa Aloysius join other politicians to pray for the body of late  Candia Luiji  Mulago at Catholic Parish 

The aged Wasswa Lule has not let anything to spoil his love for politics. When Mukasa Aloysius visited the old man in his humble home, no doubt he added himself to thousands of Lubagans to endorse and bless him (Mukasa) for the Lubaga South MP seat.

“I am always consulted on political issues in the country and that is where my participation stands today,” Mukasa says. In fact Mukasa made no mistake but to consult and request for the blessings from the old man and we can tell you Mukasa won the old man’s heart and got blessed for that.

Mukasa’s passion to serve the Lubaga people  today is well documented and the services he is rendering voluntarily range from social to health.


Mukasa’s passion to serve the Lubaga people  today is well documented and the services he is rendering voluntarily range from social to health

He supports the people in Lubaga in many ways than one from medical, meals, charity communal work and education. Too, youthful MP to be supports the development of sport programmes in the area through the local youth football teams in Lubaga.


                        Mukasa engage locals down in market in lubaga south to know their problems 

Mukasa will be unseating the incumbent Kato Lubwama in the next general elections in 2021. When he joined in, many a Lubaga South constituency voter did not think twice but to endorsed Mukasa Aloysius for the seat.

Xpress Times Uganda broke the story of Mukasa standing and since then the young man has not stopped working and serving the Lubagans even before he gets to the Parliament.

The news came as a shocker to the one term serving Lubaga MP Hon, Kato lubwama who doubles as radio presenter and comedian.

Reliable sources, even those close to Hon. Lubwama political camp says that all is not well and they have advised the legislator to retire from politics and concentrate on his former entertainment industry because of aloysius mukasa”s big name that has turned out to be a house hold name in lubaga division.


Mukasa Aloysius reach the elderly and do charity and get factual ideas on ground

“To be a leader is to serve the people and therefore a leader is a servant to those that put him into leadership. And because of his servant character trait, Mukasa will be our choice in 2021. He has come to serve and bring development and empowerment to the people of Lubaga south. Mukasa’s suporter in Lubaga anonymously told this website.

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