Cranes Captain Dennis Onyango Meets His No.1 Fan Charles Peter Mayiga at Bulange Mengo

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The two gentlemen meet at an organised presser in the Bulange mengo board room where they exchanged pleasantries before the local journalists on Friday.

The Buganda Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga hailed onyango for his professionalism, hard work, his passion and being an all time disciplined footballer with the Uganda National senior football team-the Cranes.

“I wish that everyone emulates Onyango. His professionalism, hard work, passion and love, and, his discipline has gotten him this far in the game of football with the National team.” The Katikiro Mayiga told the media.

“He is a true legend and he made history when he (Onyango) was lined-up among the cream of Africa’s footballers like Senegal’s Sadio Mane and Egyptian Mohamed Salah. I am very proud of his (onyango) achievements,” noted Mayiga.

Mayiga appealed to the local brand of footballers and players across other sporting disciplines to take Onyango as an example if they must succeed in sports life.

Onyango told the media, his No.1 fan and host Mr. Mayiga that, yes, individually he has achieved and lifted the Cranes as a team but he can not excel without the rest of the team all the time. The lanky goalie believes in team work saying he can not do anything without the other pack of the team.

Onyango crowned his visit and meeting with the Katikiro with a symbol of good relationship when he donated his original white Cranes jersey No.18 to the Katikiro for his support. He did this first on his own behalf as an individual and then on that of the team. This is the jersey that the Cranes Captain (Onyango) donned when they lost 0-1 to Senegal in their group stage games.

On his part and that of Buganda, the Katikiro gave Onyanga a blazer collar pin as a souvenir from the Kingdom.

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