Middle East Consultants Limited is Dedicated to Creating a Wealth Generation in the Ugandan Economy


The Country’s leading Labour exporters, the Middle East Consultants Limited is dedicated to creating a wealth Ugandan generation as well as building a powerful bargaining economy by empowering her population.

For the last one decade, Middle East Consultants Limited has been exporting able and willing to work abroad Ugandans both males and females in the United Arab Emirates-UAE·

Most of these Ugandans have come back to Uganda with good monies and have invested in the country.

A case in point is two success stories miss Christine Nampiina and Mister Wilson Sendegaya.

These two were committed to changing their lives when they boarded the plane to travel thousands of miles to a foreign country both in cultural practices and strict religious norms to collect the money that they later on invested back here in Uganda.

Today, their good and awarding investments are the fruits of thier hard work and commitment. Nampiina and Sendegaya may not have uplifted thier lives if it had not been Middle East Consultants Limited.

The defied the odds of lives of unemployment in Uganda and therefore abject poverty to become the fast growing investors having secured employment abroad through this Muyenga based labour exporters.

“This is tremendous and life changing achievements for our candidates who traveled for employment abroad. Those that are wise have come back and invested and have changed their lives once and for all.” said one of the Consultants employee who declined to be named.

Most of them have gone to do professional while others unprofessional jobs in the UAE but have all been paid handsomely compared to Uganda’s salaries and wages for the jobs that they do abroad.

The Jobs abroad range from working as security guards, drivers, supermarket attendants, cleaners, accountants and domestic workers among others.

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