IN THE NAME OF SPORT; Victoria University and FUBA enter into Partnership to Train, Skill and Develop Basketball Talent further

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Mr. Nassar Sserunjogi, the President of FUBA signing MOU with Victoria  University VC Dr Krishna

By Daniels N. Tatya

The partnership will see the sport of basketball to the next level of competition given the proper training facilities and skilling to the managers, coaches, administrators and the guys that directly engage their bodies in the sport and on the playing fields-courts.

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According to Mrs. M.G Katushabe Ssemwezi the University Academic Registrar, Fuba will benefit from such short term training, scholarships to the basketball top players. “We want to go all the way in developing the sport of basketball because we are well positioned to do all that.

We shall help everywhere we find grounds for us to support basketball,” Mrs. Ssemwezi told this website. The partnership is themed, “training graduates that will change the World,” “it’s good to play sport but very good if you are educated as well.So we shall be awarding scholarships to excelling and/or talented and top players in the game” Mrs. Ssemwezi added.

Representing the basketball body, Mr. Nassar Sserunjogi, the President of the Federation of Uganda Basketball Associations-FUBA excitedly noted how the signed partnership will benefit the sport a lot. “To us its a worthwhile partnership that will see a lot of changes in the way we handle the game.

Through this partnership we shall be able to do capacity building and training for our staff, coaches and managers. They will get knowledge of how to handle their clubs, and also the scholarships to our top players is going to be a plus to us,”

He said. The Victoria University is committed to delivering new student experience underpinned by a culture of entrepreneurship, sports culture, research and social enterprise by encouraging students to get involved into social enterprises at all levels via the student Council.

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