NWSC Scoops a Service Delivery Excellence Award

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National water and sewage corporation  has scooped a service delivery excellence award from the World Confederation of Businesses in San Francisco, California

NWSC has improved its service coverage from 75% in 2011 to now 84%, the number of new connections have increased from 272,406 to now 659,157, turn over has increased from 132B to now 443B and the operational surplus has increased from 30 (+)billion to now over 95(+)billion to mention but a few achievements that have been attained.

With support from the Government of Uganda, NWSC is on target;

•To extend water services to over 12,000 villages in Uganda
•Effect over 140,000 new water connections
•Install over 20,000 public stand pipes and
•Lay over 8000kms of water mains extensions by 2020
•The corporation has increased its footprint from 23 towns 5 years back to now over 253 towns of operation.
•Implementing large scale water and sewerage projects ontop of Water Supply Stabilization Plans aimed at boosting acess water supply reliability and sewerage services for all in all areas of operation

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