Haruna Enterprises Gives a Three Free Months Rent Offer


By Xpress Times Reporter

For three good months, businesses will flourish rent free at Haruna enterprises’ Haruna Mall Ntinda.

This Ntinda Haruna shopping mall is a magnificent one stop commercial center, located in the heart of Ntinda town, the home to retail shops, clothing, salon and beauty centers.


This Mall is a true definition of a multipurpose shopping centre. The storeyed building has office space that suits the banks business, forex bureau, telecom shops, beauty parlours, salons, cinema and other forms of business.

Haruna Enterprises owned by Haruna Sentongo has successfully set out to build and set up special markets specifically addressing needs of a certain class of public and their specialized trade.

Haruna Enterprises, the firm Sentongo uses to do his real estate work, has a number of other commercial properties in the city providing office space and other businesses including the Wandegeya based Haruna Towers and now Haruna Shopping Mall in Ntinda that is committing to developing businesses with free months offer rent.

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