Ecobank focuses on economically transforming Africa,Executive Director Ecobank Annette

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Executive Director Ecobank Annette Kihuguru: We’re the largest Pan African bank on the continent with presence in almost 36 countries. Our mission as Ecobank focuses on economically transforming Africa by acting as an enabler for financial inclusion for all Africans across the continent.

Ecobank has taken a deliberate strategy to focus on digital products for both business and individuals under our flagship product, Ecobank digital.
With over 81 XPress points across the country, XPress point /agency banking is one of the avenues that feeds into our Ecobank mobile app product.

Customers can now cash in and out at any XPress point. Did you know that you can open an account on your phone without coming to the bank?

The Ecobank mobile app allows you to make payments using Ecobank pay. Simply scan and pay. This a feature that many can take advantage of. Customers can scan a code and make payments straight into your bank account in real-time. Safe, secure and fast.

We also offer other products like bill payments, money transfers, airtime purchase and account opening.

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