Netball Uganda Maintain Place at Latest INF World Ranking After Liverpool NWC


By Daniels N. Tatya

Following a busy period of international netball, the INF World Rankings sees another change in the top three. The latest Rankings reflect the games played up to the 21st of July 2019, which included the Netball World Cup, Liverpool 2019, the Pacific Games, Samoa 2019 and the matches Wales hosted at the beginning of July.

The Silver Ferns’ first gold medal at the Netball World Cup since 2003 gave them a much-needed boost back into the top three, placing them in at 2nd.
Australia remains in 1st and England in 3rd whilst Jamaica moves down to 4th.

South Africa and Uganda maintain their 5th and 6th place and Malawi moves up two places to 7th pushing Scotland and Northern Ireland down one. Wales played several games in July enabling them to enter the top ten with Trinidad & Tobago moving out and down to 11th.

As a result of winning the netball title at the Pacific Games, the Cook Islands rise four places to enter the top 12. However, Netball World Cup teams Barbados and Samoa move down two and Zimbabwe moves down one to 14th. Fiji and Sri Lanka remain at 17th and 18th place and Singapore move down two to 29th. Tonga re-enter the World Rankings in 19th place and as a result 43 teams now have an INF World Ranking.

The number of points earned by a team for any match depends on two factors. The result (won, tied or lost) and the opponent against whom the result was achieved. The higher an opponent’s rating the more points are earned for beating them.

If a team wins a match they will earn 50 points more than their opponent’s rating. But if they lose, they will earn 50 points less than their opponent’s rating. Worked numerical examples appear in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Rating Period:
It is not meaningful for a team to claim a world ranking if they have only played a small number of matches. As soon as a team has played eight International test matches over the rating period then they will have earned an official world ranking. If a team has played fewer than eight matches, they will still have a rating, but without a corresponding ranking. To have a ranking the team must have played at least 2 games against a rated team.

The following teams currently have a rating in the system and could become ranked once they have played 8 matches:

Top Ten ranked countries

New Zealand-176Pts
South Africa-147Pts
Northern Ireland-106Pts

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