CAUGHT-OFF-GUARD; NRM Supporter Just wanted to Fleece MUseveni but his Nailed Story was a Pure Fabrication of events


By Daniels N. Tatya Isaac Katalogos story is just one of the many the country will experience with the makers of them working just to exploit money from Museveni’s NRM claiming to have gotten problems because of their strong allegiance and support for Museveni and his NRM.

one such story is that of Katoogo where according to Police , is is just a fabricated one. Police in Mbale has found out Isaac Katoogo had fabricated a Story, claiming he had been nailed

. He was interrogated for five hours at Mbale police station but he contradicted himself several times. Katoogo’s file has been forwarded to CMI for further interrogation after his statements were found to be uncoordinated.

On Wednesday -17th, NRM officials in Mbale disowned the “Nailed” Supporter Ogajjo Barasa, the Mbale District Resident Commissioner refuted allegations that Katoogo was nailed.

He said a report from the pathologist does not indicate in any way that force was used during the driving of the nail in the mouth.

The NRM party leadership in Mbale district has disowned a man who claims to have been nailed in the mouth for composing a song praising President, Yoweri Museveni. It came after Isaac Katoogo alias Ambassador wa Yesu, a resident of Kiteeso cell in Namakwekwe ward in Northern division claimed that three masked men intercepted him on Monday evening around Nkoma, a Mbale town suburb and drove nails through his cheek.

They reportedly accused him of composing a song in praise of president, Yoweri Museveni and his NRM party. However, the NRM party leadership in Mbale has disowned Katoogo, saying they don’t know him as one of their supporters. Mahmood Masaba, the Mbale District NRM Party Chairperson told journalists in the Mbale Resident District Commissioner’s office Wednesday that the NRM secretariat in Mbale doesn’t know Katoogo.

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