Rock Bar: Its Where the party lives every Thursday with Live Performances

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By Xpress Times Reporter

There is no better after work relaxation than live band music. Being a thursday, look no further especially when in Kamapal than Rock Bar and Grill. Just as its a norm, today thursday is yet another night for partying at this spot at Nile Avenue, Speke road.


The party never ends: it simply continues.

Rock Bar & Grill has everything you could want on your menu of choice. So start doing your victory dance, because it gets no better than this.

The legendary bar and grill is renowned in Kampala for being awash with all sorts of drink and delicious food for the gods.

Rock bar and Grill serves treats as meats and rare vegetarian delights. No matter what your preferences, you can find something you’ll love on our menu.

The bar stars all sorts of big name drinks over beers on tap. Plus, thier cocktail bar is perfect for a get-together with friends.

On other nights not Thursday the spot also showcases the best comedians, singers, poets, dancers and every other performance artist on your shortlist of who’s who in the world of what makes you happy. That’s why, with Rock bar, the party never ends: it simply continues.

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