Rajiv Rally Team Focuses on Winning, Sharing Love and Building allegiance


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Rajiv Rally Team’s main man, rally driver Rajiv Ruparelia does much more than sporting. It’s true he plays fine golf and is a one-time champion on the golf course range but his true sportsmanship has been showcased after he chose to join the rallying sport.

And he is loving the game of speed. He is growing and winning the rally and he has build around himself a fan base. This shows he has won many hearts for himself because he loves the sport, he wins and has added life and competition to the sport.

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If rallying is a business then Rajiv is good at it. Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. Rajiv is therefore a complete rally driver, complete with a rally team-that is creating, articulating owning and driving to complete his rallying vision.

When he posted “Focus on the Goal not the Obstacle” on his rally team facebook page, Rajiv made a statement. Rallying is a big challenging sport but the jolly driver focuses not on the obstacles or challenges of the game; his is a focus on the goal-which goal is winning.

Coming big;

Rajiv has competed, finished and graduated into the sport. According to the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) regulations, an upcoming competitor is supposed to compete and finish a minimum of three Autocross events to graduate to the NRC. So, just months into the sport, Rajiv is no longer an upcoming; he is a big name on the game of track.

Rajiv is focused on challenging the top drivers in the remaining National Rally Championship (NRC) races this season.

In the fourth round of the National Autocross Championship in Kapeeka, Nakaseke district Rajiv on graduated to the Club Man rally championship (CRC) category in the NRC events. He won the Autocross race in Kapeeka and disclosed a lot about his plans and focus into this game of speed.

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“Leave aside the results today, I’m extremely happy that this event was my graduation event and I have completed it, which graduates me to challenge the big boys,” excited Rajiv put.

Autocross is used as a training ground for new drivers before joining competitions such as the NRC. Kapeeka was Rajiv’s third event with the first one being Sisa in Wakiso district in May where he finished second and Kayunga in June which he won.

Bringing Competition; The clerks of the courses locally have congratulated Rajiv and warned the big guys. “Rajiv will bring more competition and excitement to the sport. The big guys should stand warned.

” Building allegiance;

often times you will see a rally fan posing with the Rajiv Rally Team driver-Rajiv for a photo moment or even others yarning for his autograph. Rajiv’s rally team t-shirt is a must wear if you must support Uganda rallying. This has therefore made the driver the most daring in the sport something that has build such a strong allegiance for the young driver.

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