SK Mbuga To Mpanga; You are Very Fake Lawyer Who should go back to School


By Xpress Times Reporter

Upon touching down to the home soils at Entebbe international airport from a jail sentence in Sweden, relaesed businessman Sulaiman Kabalanga Mbunga, exhibited that he could not forgive and forget city Lawyer David F.K Mpanga.

With no kind words, Mbuga furiously gave a stunning warning to those who planned his arrest adding they should be very ready for serious legal and unending battles.

Mbuga seriously sent warning to lawyer David F.K Mpanga with vows of taking him (Mpanga) back to school in what he said teaching him the law.

“If he thought I would die be worried I didn’t. In fact I have even read the law. Now be ready. The war you started will never end,” he said.

Adding: “These fake lawyers like Mpanga who concocted charges, let’s see how you handle this battle.” Sources say, Mpanga initiated Mbuga’s arrest after he allegedly faked documents that implicated Mbuga and his wife Vivian Mbuga over fraud.

Further, Mbuga’s legal officer Neo Barshtede said the businessman will sue Swedish government. Counsel Barshtede added that his client is demanding $20 million (Shs74 billion) from the Swedish government after spending more than one and half years incarcerated in a Sweden jail.

On returning he revealed he will start his businesses from where he stopped. Mbuga was arrested- first in Dubai- on fraud charges.

His release comes after a prosecutor in Sweden during a court session on Friday (September 27, 2019), failed to provide enough evidence that the Ugandan businessman committed fraud related crimes.

Mbuga was arrested by the International Police (Interpol) in connection with fraud cases that involved 53m kroner (Shs23b) that his wife Vivian Birungi Mbuga allegedly swindled from a joint account she owned with her ex-boyfriend Sten Heisoo in Sweden.

He was first tried in a Dubai court before he was acquitted of the offences and handed to Swedish authorities after prosecution failed to adduce enough evidence that he actually committed the same crimes.

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