Sudhir Captains Tax Payers team to a 1-0 victory over URA in a Tax Charity derby


Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia knows it all and this time around he was at the football pitch playing a soccer game where Tax collectors- Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) played a charity match against taxpayers at Legends Grounds in Lugogo.

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The tax payers team as led by Sudhir emerged victors with a 1-0 score against the tax collectors. The match was designed to a charity intent where the Proceeds were given to children of Bwama Primary boarding school to procure a canoe to go to school.


The proceeds of the match went to buying a speed boat for Bwama Primary school in Lake Bunyonyi. Currently, children from Bwama Primary School use a canoe to plough through the waters of the deepest lake in Africa in order to get to school.

The speed canoe will help lessen accidents on the lake where some children have drowned in the lake and lost their lives in the recent past in the process.

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