USD10m Ruparelia Residence facts will give you tickles in the Brain


By Xpress Times Uganda

Tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia official home-The Ruparelia Residence has wonderful 10 quick facts that you probably didn’t know.

Its a wonderful complete home build over four good years. This wonder house cost USD10 million to design, build, equip and finish.


Xpress Times Uganda website therefore gives you everything that you did not know about the residence and you will remain wondering.


Facts; 1.

Officially, Dr Sudhir Ruparelia’s home, is called The Ruparelia Residence.

2. Although Sudhir returned to Uganda in 1985, he first bought a home- the current property in 1990.

3. First home cost him US$200,000 and he paid in installments He would later break it down for the current home .


4. The house has 4 levels,built up area is 9,000 square meters while parking, gardens and swimming pool, consists of another 4,000 square meters

5. The home has 16 bedrooms- 8 for staff and 8 for the Ruparelia Family.


6. The home is run by a compliment of 46 domestic staff 7.

The house cost USD10 million to design, build, equip and finish the whole process took 4 years.

8. House has 5 kitchens, a 2-in-1 banquet room and sports bar that sits 120 people, several lounges and bars, 2 home offices, gym and saloon and spa. 9.

Wine-cellar holds 33,000 bottles of 200 varieties of assorted wines and liquor. 10. Monthly electricity bill is an average UGX28 million.

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