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The Ministry of Trade Industry and cooperatives uganda-MTIC commissioned the Trade in Service Policy in 2016 to be able to regulate and protect the stake holders in the service sector where local contractors in many aspects are service providers and are effectively covered in this policy.

This policy covers sectors; Finance. Hospitality, Insurance, Construction, Tourism etc and the service industry accounts for 54.7% of the Ugandan GDP.
The Uganda contractors and service providers cut across most spheres of the economy and there are a number of laws designed to protect them in their activities, like; BUBU Policy, PPDA Amendment on preference and reservation, health and safety act,finance and management act.

The purpose of this summit,the first of its kind in the region is to ensure that the following objectives are met;
Create awareness for the local contractors about their rights and entitlements,Reduce non-tariff barriers.

Increase effective participation of Uganda owned enterprises in contracting projects.
Increase employment and more equitable income distribution for Uganda owned enterprises,Collaboration for optional inclusion in the common market,Prepare players for the regional markets.

It will help the contractors and providers to improve in their services.
I therefore ,would like to appeal to Ugandans to attend the first contractors and service providers summit on the 12th-13th of November 2019 at the @KampalaSerenaHotel because all of you are prospective contractors, service providers and leaders in commodities

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