The President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander-In-Chief of the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF), His Excellency Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has passed out UPDF troops who successfully completed Armoured Basic Crew Course at Armoured Warfare Training School (AWTS) in Mubende District. The President expressed satisfaction with the skills displayed by the trainees on target identification, acquisition and destruction. He thanked the instructors for a job well done and said that the remarkable performance by the trainees is a demonstration of their ability to efficiently exploit the acquired knowledge.…

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The unstated role of faith/religion in the political future of Uganda


The writer: Ruhindayo Rumanda Michael is an International Relations Analyst. This micro-State conglomeration of tribes, chieftaincies and nation states was bound together by the whims of some adventurous ‘bazungu’ who combed this land 150 years ago, has been beleaguered by religious tensions from inception to date. Uganda’s political history has been aligned to faith and religion from the beginning. Is religion still relevant in chatting our political future? Right from the arrival of the first Muhammedians in the 1840s the King’s court was split in two. As some of the…

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