Hon.Mary Mugyenyi Constructs The Multi-Billion Structure at Mbarara City


The multi-billion structure is erected at the former packing yard located between Adit house and Moses’ building called Amazon, the proprietor of Amazon house is the tenderer of electricity transformers under Mega in Uganda who comes from Isingiro District.


Mugyenyi’s building has left most of the tycoons including government bosses in Mbarara city scratching heads on how she saved alot of money to construct this on her big plot that has been there for decades.

People who don’t know Mary Mugyenyi, She’s the former Nyabushozi constituency MP and she was minister of state for animal husbandry currently is among the East African MPs who represent Uganda as the same as being Boss of Big Post in a certain office where sponsors from abroad have been seen splashing Billions of US Dollars.

Her husband Mugyenyi was former Bank of Uganda secretary who passed on about 19 years ago. Although Mary Mugyenyi is out of active politics in Kiruhura District, she is still very influential figure in the district.

This East African Legislature owns ranches of cattle in Kenshunga Rushere, Kashari which is her home and also at her husband’s home in Kitwe Ruhaama Ntungamo District. She also owns Ibamba Hotel located in Kamwokya Kampala and Nshenyi Cultural Village two hours drive via Isingiro District

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