How Crane bank closure Exposed the dirt in central bank

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In any business failure or stunt there will always a cause and whistle blower will open it all for the truth and justice   At first Everybody thought  Uganda’s Richest Business man Sudhir Ruparelia was the one in wrong, but after all the findings in cosase Report 2018 Every body was so shocked about the rot that Existed in central Bank


All the big boys in the Central bank were terribly sweating explaining the mistakes that had been made previously in the cooperative bank,Global trust,Crane bank etc

Those who followed the whole story should never forget the woman I won’t mention here who Immersed wealth in the closure of these banks, Its remembered very well the documents that were secretly carried out of the central towers.
Anybody could see that these were some of the”Dictatorship” injustices Sudhir suffered with his crane bank.
The central bank retired madam had excessive powers to close and open any Bank of her choice.
Her Authority had gone over board,one can imagine if she was able to openly disrespect parliaments Cosase,what about Sudhir who was helpless at her mercy? some of these things show you what Sudhir went through and during the cosase committee investigation that exposed the bank a huge cost to defend the mistakes made by the central bank old generals.

Dr Sudhir’s voice was so loud but could not be heard  only because the man was so stressed and ,even if he had acquired the loudest loudspeaker to Explain the injustice he suffered at the hands of the Director of commercial banking, nobody would listen everybody was throwing stones at him With all the false Media propaganda that was being created.

Such Dubious deals happened when nobody was seeing as most of us are in the shadow of what happens behind walls.But these investigations truly help to protect the existing banks
But Sudhir’s coming out to go to court will cost government 179 billion  which the central bank old and tired generals mistakes they should own up.
Had it not been our own Sudhir nobody would ever imagine that such Rot was existing in the central bank towers.
In fact I expected cosase to Question why Central bank was rejecting the coming in of Islamic bank in Uganda,a bank that wants to bring in low cost Money to lend out to Ugandans.
One other biting concern that was mentioned in the Sudhir cosase investigations that still remains unsolved were the disposal of some the properties of customers at closure of these banks especially the Mysteriously disposal of these assets, land tittles,etc
It is very sad that a cover up has been made to keep everything in the silence so that they keep doing their dirty deals under the tables.
Yes so many people are still heard yelling in the background for help but all in vein.

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