When Fresh Daddy and son, Fresh Kid Hanged out together at Kampala Parents’ School

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By Xpress Times Uganda

Parenting is surely knowing and taking your full responsibility whatever the case. For Paul Mutabazi, aka Fresh it’s been pretty hard to take parenting responsibility until Patrick Senyonjo-Fresh Kid became a celebrity.

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In today’s society is a tricky thing to do – it is even trickier when you are a single father to a celebrity child whose mother, your ex-wife, alleges that you have not been playing your role as a father sufficiently.

As if to put their past aside, Fresh Daddy and Fresh Kid have started enjoying life and have started hanging out together as daddy and son. The latest time out together was at Kampala Parents School where Fresh kid goes to school.

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The two we all-over each other and surely enjoyed the day. When Patrick Senyonjo aka Fresh Kid last year (then seven years) rose to stardom as the youngest rapper in Uganda, not much was known about his parents until journalists sought out his mother, and then the father.

Like many broken up couples, Fresh Kid’s mother, Madrine Namata, had no kind words for Paul Mutabazi, the biological father of the celebrity child. Matters were made uneasy when Mutabazi wanted to assert his authority as a father to a child ‘he neglected’ much to the consternation of the mother.

The public on social media took sides, the biggest number in support of the struggling teary mother who through her decimal means as a charcoal vendor did all she could to provide life to Fresh Kid including sending her son to school.

People on social media accused Mutabazi of trying to reap where he didn’t sow – milking money from Fresh Kid’s music career – despite having a better job as a makeup artist in Kampala and Luwero where he had other kids and a wife.

Mutabazi, under an alias Fresh Daddy, started his own music career, recording a number of songs with the help of Kalifah Aganaga.

He attained himself a celebrity status with the support of his status as the father of Fresh Kid. At the time, Fresh Kid had earned himself a scholarship from Ruparelia Foundation and was set to report for school at Kampala Parents School. When Fresh Kid reported for school, Fresh Daddy was with him as pictures showed him performing his duty as a father.

With his own fame, making much more descent money as a musician, it looks like Fresh daddy is being the dad that he was supposed to be from the start before the social media ridicule woke him up.

The latest pictures from Kampala Parents School show Fresh Daddy, as a good daddy, in the company of his son during the swearing-in of a new prefects’ cabinet at the school.

The event was presided over by the state minister in charge of youth and children affairs. Fresh Kid was not himself elected prefect, however, the minister, Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, appointed the rapper on a team of pupils that will embark on advocacy work to get rid of street children in the country.

Nakiwala said that they are using children like Fresh Kid because children listen to fellow children and that Fresh Kid will use his talent as a musician to inspire children not to return to the streets but rather stay in homes set up across the country.

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