Local Business People get Financial Literacy Training from Victoria University


By Xpress Times reporter 

Uganda Financial literacy has eluded many business personalities for ages and many business have started and collapsed even before they celebrated their first anniversary.

Aware of the problem, Victoria University organized a two-day financial literacy seminar last October on 29th and 30th October.


This Seminar has benefited businessmen/women having learnt that for business sustainability, there is need for an entrepreneur to have sufficient financial accounting knowledge like financial record keeping, prudent financial management skills and budgeting for financial resources.

The educative financial literacy seminar targeted members of the business community, corporate employees and the not for profit organizations.

Over 350 individuals participated at enriching seminar which is part of the Victoria University’s community engagement programme. A team of top financial professionals and lecturers at Victoria University facilitated the seminar.

They advised that financial record keeping is not an option but a must for business entities to succeed. The seminar was intended to improving financial management and financial record keeping skills among the business community, Not for profit entities as well as the general public.

Akaka Alex, the founder of Community Based Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities speaking at the seminar said that people with disabilities should also be catered for so that they also get to learn and acquire these financial skills.

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