Police Mourns the sudden unexpected Passing on of Former IGP John Kisembo


The late was IGP from the year 1999 to 2001, and we will never forget the excellent leadership he gave to the Uganda Police Force during the many years he served. At the time of his death, he was the Ag Director UNAFRI. The IGP has reached out to the family of the deceased, and extended his prayers and thoughts to them during this time of sadness. We would like to thank all members of the UPF, UNAFRI, and the public who have reached out to the family in this time…

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NWSC to clean Kampala City


                                    The new Kinawataka sewerege pre-treatment plant The National water and Sewerage corporation has revealed plans to clean through the construction of new sewerage infrastructure in city. The remarks were made by NWSC Board chairman Dr. Eng Ebal Christopher during the technical hand over of the new Kinawataka sewerege pre-treatment plant. Eng Ebal shared that the new NWSC sanitation improvement master plan encompasses an ultra-modern sewerage treatment plant in Bugolobi, a sewerage pre-treatment…

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Court cancels George William Kakoma 50 Million compensation


                                                 Widow Mrs. Maria Tereza Kakoma The court of appeal has repealed the 50 million shillings it had awarded to Uganda National Anthem composer the late George William Kakoma for violating his copyrights to the song. In August 2010 the high court declined to grant Kakoma who died in 2012, 5.2 billion shilling he had prayed for the recovery of damages, compensation and royalties for infringement of…

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Uganda Police Force application for information sharing and dissemination upgraded

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The Uganda Police Force application for information sharing and dissemination(MOBI APP) has been expanded to now include a map that can help a person seeking help to locate a police station or post nearest to him or her. Contacts of officers from different policing units are accessible using this application. The App, when downloaded to an individual’s phone can quickly help the nearest police to connect a person in need of help to the patrollers and other response units in the callers locality for a faster response. A team has…

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Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chamilli still struggling to Fit in the DP as many critise the singer for being an NRM Planted Mole

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By Daniels N. Tatya Local artist Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chamilli may have easily crossed or deviated from being a close associate of the ruling party and a close allie of the President-Yoweri Kaguta Museveni but many still think he could have been planted into the DP party with a mission to disorganise their (DP) endeavors on their mission Power. The singer whose motive we are yet to understand however calls all that propaganda and that he is working in unison with the party he just joined a…

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The Microfinance Support Centre Ltd Gives Back to society

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was part of the activities we had lined up in tandem with our retreat theme: beyond lending. As has been the norm, our CSR activities support solutions to some of the major problems faced in the areas we hold our retreats in. In consultation with district officials, we promoted road safety in Masaka District, handing over helmets and reflector jackets to officially registered boda-boda riders from various stages. We also repainted the zebra crossing in partnership with Unra Uganda National Road Authority along the busy Kampala-Masaka highway. The activity…

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Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (MAAIF), will host the 27th National Agricultural show at the Show Grounds in Jinja district from 12th to 21st July 2019. The show provides farmers, agro-industry players, service providers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector the opportunity to showcase their innovations and technologies as well as engage in business networking. The ten-day exhibition is the largest of its kind in Uganda and has been held since 1990 presenting over, 350 agricultural exhibitors and a…

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The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces’ (UPDF) medical team is in the Republic of Rwanda to participate in the rotational Second Edition of the Eastern Africa Community (EAC) Armed Forces Civil Military activities from 28th June to 4th July 2019. Both the UPDF and Rwanda Defence Forces’ (RDF) medical teams, are operating at Nyamata District Hospital and offering general medicine, Ear-Nose-Throat surgery, dental and eye treatment, anaethesia, orthopaedrics, general surgery, and gynaecology, among others, as part of their contribution to this year’s free one-week civil military activities in Rwanda. Medics from…

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French Air Force General commends UPDF for Continental Peace Missions


The Commander of French Airforce based in Djibout Maj Gen Eric Gernez has commended UPDF for an excellent role played in keeping peace on the African Continent. General Gernez said this during a courtesy call to UPDF Leadership at the MODVA headquarters at Mbuya hill. Gen Gernez applauded the forces for the good work executed by UPDF in all their deployments in the region. “thank your for your tireless endeavors towards the peace in Africa” he observed. The French two star General also pointed out that the mutual relationship between…

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The Democratic Republic of Congo Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) 2019-2020 – Revised in June 2019

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In 2018, the crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) drastically worsened, spreading to previously unaffected areas in DRC, and had a negative impact on the Great Lakes region. The ongoing conflicts across much of eastern and central DRC continue to cause significant displacement, damage to property and tragic loss of human life. While the majority of displaced people remain within DRC, tens of thousands of new refugees have fled across borders since the beginning of 2019. Refugee flows to Burundi, the Republic of Congo, Uganda and Zambia…

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