Mukasa Aloysius the only hope for Lubaga south parliamentary race come 2021


Mukasa Aloysius.joins Lubaga south  parliamentary race come 2021 It’s no longer a rumour, it’s confirmed, it’s now real, and it’s true and factual that Mukasa Aloysius is going to contest for lubaga parliamentary seat come 2021. This comes as shocking news to the one term  serving lubaga MP Hon,kato lubwama who double as radio presenter and comedian  . Reliable sources close to Hon. lubwama political camp says that all is not well and they have advised the mp to retire from politics  and concentrate  on his former entertainment industry because of…

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Omar al-Bashir charged over dead Sudan protesters


Sudan’s public prosecutor has charged ousted President Omar al-Bashir with incitement and involvement in the killing of protesters. The charges stem from an inquiry into the death of a doctor killed during protests that led to the end of Mr Bashir’s rule last month. Mr Bashir’s fate is unclear. He was reportedly arrested after being ousted. He is also facing an investigation over allegations of money laundering and terror financing. Some Sudanese people will not believe that Mr Bashir is really in trouble for such crimes until they see him…

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Arafat’s widow calls for body to be exhumed


A nine-month investigation suggests that the late Palestinian leader may have been poisoned with polonium. It was a scene that riveted the world for weeks: The ailing Yasser Arafat, first besieged by Israeli tanks in his Ramallah compound, then shuttled to Paris, where he spent his final days undergoing a barrage of medical tests in a French military hospital. Eight years after his death, it remains a mystery exactly what killed the longtime Palestinian leader. Tests conducted in Paris found no obvious traces of poison in Arafat’s system. Rumors abound…

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Cultural Chiefs Set to Petition Museveni over Ebyaffe

IMG_20190209_175929 - Copy

Cultural institutions Kings and chiefs pose for a memorable photo.   (L_R) .George Atom deputy prime minister  Institution of Lango, king of Bugwere John Chrisostom Wayabire, Ssabanyala Capt.Kimeeze Mpagi and right is Anthony Olobo _Odur, the  Princess senior technical advisor to the chiefdom of Lango By Kitts D.Mabonga Kings and cultural chiefs across the country have taken a joint decision to petition President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to remind him about what government promised to give them. The forum secretary general Kyaligonza George shortly after addressing the media at their  high level…

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Ambitious Mivule Sets Agenda To Represent Uganda At EALA


With each passing day, the political arena is opening up and getting more active as ambitious politicians who intend to capture power from incumbents express their desire to be elected into office. The case is not different for business consultant Mr. Ronald Mivule whose eyes are set to represent Uganda at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in 2022. For Mr. Mivule, an economist from Makerere University, representing Uganda at the Arusha based ‘parliament’ is his next assignment; a job he wants Ugandans to trust him with open arms. A…

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Nigeria Ruling Party Launches President Buhari’s Re-election Campaign


Nigeria’s ruling party held a rally to mark the launch of President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election bid on Friday in the southern city of Uyo, hours after naming a campaign team which includes Africa’s richest man. A presidential election is scheduled to take place on Feb. 16 to determine who will lead Africa’s biggest crude oil producer and the continent’s most populous country. At the launch of the campaign, Buhari told an audience in the southern city — capital of Akwa Ibom state — that his government was winning the fight…

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Trump Continues Wall Campaign as Shutdown Reaches Day 8


U.S. President Donald Trump continued Saturday to stress the need for his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall as a partial government shutdown, triggered by a stalemate over funding for the project, entered its eighth day. In a tweet Saturday, Trump said Democrats should take the initiative on ending the shutdown, saying, “I am in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come on over and make a deal” on border security. A budget standoff remains between Trump, who wants $5 billion in wall funding, and Democratic lawmakers, who back a…

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“Nothing can prevent election”, says Kabila


Democratic Republic of Congo’s leader says “there is no further reason” to prevent Sunday’s presidential election after two years of delays, but he blames an Ebola outbreak for the last-minute decision to keep an estimated 1 million voters from the polls. In an interview with The Associated Press, President Joseph Kabila says it would be a “disaster” if people vote on Sunday in two large communities in the Ebola outbreak zone, asserting that “a single person” could infect scores or hundreds of others. His comments on Thursday evening contradict those…

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DRC’s Archbishop pleads for peace on eve of election


The archbishop of Kinshasa is urging peace on the eve of Democratic Republic of Congo’s long-delayed presidential election, saying differences of opinion are no reason to “light the country on fire.” Archbishop Fridolin Ambongo held a Mass in the capital on Saturday attended by leading opposition candidate Martin Fayulu and a representative of ruling party candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. They and sole female candidate Marie-Josee Ifoku held hands during prayer in a spirit of reconciliation. The archbishop said “unfortunately, some of our compatriots give the impression they want to hold…

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DR Congo election: Polls to open in tense vote

congo elections

Polls have opened in Africa’s second largest country in an election delayed for more than two years. Close to 40m people are eligible to vote in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where President Joseph Kabila – in power since 2001 – is standing down. But the run-up has been hit by violence and controversy over the decision to exclude almost 1.3m people from voting. On Saturday, rival candidates also failed to agree on a statement aimed at reducing tension before the poll. Voting began at 05:00 (04:00 GMT) and ends…

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