The Commercial Court has barred the lawyers of Sebalu ,Lule and Company Advocates from representing DFCU bank in the case filed against it by tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia due to conflict of interest


In the ruling read by Court’s deputy registrar Festo Nsenga Court noted that lawyers of Sebalu , Lule and Company Advocates were in 2016 contracted by Sudhir to review several tenancy agreements for Crane Management service Ltd and leases for some companies under the Ruparelia group and as such they came into contact with his confidential and privileged information. Court also ordered the lawyers to pay costs to the property monger Sudhir Ruparelia Sudhir through his real estate company Crane Management’s Service Ltd sued DFCU bank demanding payment of rental arrears…

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Rajiv Ruparelia Says Sebalu & Lule Advocates IS Setting A Bad Example For Young Lawyers

raj 1

Rajiv Ruparelia believes that Sebalu & Lule Advocates, as senior counsels, are setting a bad example for young lawyers in the country. Rajiv also said that the law firm show have integrity. Youthful Rajiv alongside his father Sudhir Ruparelia are contesting that Sebalu & Lule Advocates should be disqualified from representing DFCU Bank because law firm has recently worked for Ruparelia Group. In 2016, Crane Management Services, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group contracted Sebalu & Lule Advocates to draw and review tenancy agreements. The Ruparelias say by virtual of that…

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Kingdom Kampala Mall Set For May Opening

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Kingdom Kampala Mall will open to tenants begging of May, 2019, Rajiv Ruparelia, the managing director Crane Management Services (CMS) has said. CMS is a subsidiary of the Ruparelia Group owned by businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. Kingdom Kampala, a modern shopping centre, is located between Nile Avenue and Dewinton Road. Rajiv in a video promo said construction of the first phase will be complete by April and available to tenants in May. “This particular building is a blend of light retail, food and beverage as well as ten floors of…

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