NWSC Scoops a Service Delivery Excellence Award

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National water and sewage corporation  has scooped a service delivery excellence award from the World Confederation of Businesses in San Francisco, California NWSC has improved its service coverage from 75% in 2011 to now 84%, the number of new connections have increased from 272,406 to now 659,157, turn over has increased from 132B to now 443B and the operational surplus has increased from 30 (+)billion to now over 95(+)billion to mention but a few achievements that have been attained. With support from the Government of Uganda, NWSC is on target; •To…

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Government to eliminate pensions and gratuity case backlog by 2020


Tuesday 21 January 2019 “The Government of Uganda is ready to allocate resources to clear off the pension case backlog over the next two years, once the requisite records are availed”. This was said by the Chief Guest during the half day strategic conference to support the clearance of the military Pension and Gratuity case backlog at Hotel Africana in Kampala. The State Minister for Defence and Veteran Affairs in charge of Veteran Affairs Hon Bright Rwamirama, who was also the Chief Guest, while opening a half day conference said…

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